Extreme Makeover by Image Consultant


Nothing is more fun than an extreme makeover by an image consultant. But did you know that this process can also cause you to change your life?


An image consultant waltzes into the room, expecting to see a normal individual. Instead, he sees an unkempt and savage face, straggly hair, and a knotted sweater covered with lint and bits of paper. His smile disappears until the client says, “Please help me!” That’s when your image makeover begins in earnest.

You both know that this is going to be an extreme makeover.

In the industry, this is known as an extreme makeover because the result will be revolutionary. The client will be so changed for the better that friends and neighbors may not recognize her. In fact, she may not recognize herself.

A few years ago I had the challenge of doing an extreme makeover for a client whose family had pleaded with me to change a young man’s life. Unfortunately the boy was resistant and never agreed to the makeover. He made fun of me and my professional skills. He pointed out that I myself wasn’t perfect, so why should he try to improve. The sad truth is that no image consultant, even the most well-intentioned, can force a person to change. The desire for change must come from within. The sad truth is that two years later that boy was dead, an apparent suicide.

I’m not saying that I could have saved his life by giving him a new look, only that by failing to take the opportunity for a change he was probably dooming himself. Because an extreme makeover could have helped him gain not only a new physical look but a new positive attitude toward life. Such is the power of the image.


Not only do others see your image before they even hear your name or voice, but your image makes a more lasting impression on them than anything you will say or do. That’s the result of a recent research study underscoring the value of caring for your appearance.

Carl Jung pointed out that the self is one of the archetypes that has the most powerful influence on our interactions with others and our sense of satisfaction with life. The self is comprised of our personality as well as our appearance. We cannot change the genetic material we were born with, or the fact that aging is inevitable, but we can change many aspects of our appearance, including grooming, wardrobe, diction, and manner. An image consultant can help with all these things. In the final analysis, an image consultant can be a life changer and a lifesaver.

I will never forget my experience with the boy who refused to heed my advice. It changed my life and gave me the desire to reach out to help others whenever I could. That is one of the reasons I am writing this article now. I am reaching out to you to encourage you to seek out the advice of an image consultant. Not because I think your life needs to be saved by the process. But because I know your life will be enriched.


So often I hear people complain that the use of an image consultant is expensive or that it is time-consuming. But the opposite is more likely true. The fee charged by an image consultant needs to be seen in relationship to the enormous and continuing advantages that accrue to those who use such a service. The life-changing effect that comes from the new look, and the new confidence, cannot be measured in financial terms.

An extreme makeover can change a person forever and set a life that is on the wrong course back on the right course. I was never able to help that poor unfortunate boy make the change. But by writing this article I hope I have opened your mind to the potential that lies before you. I urge you to consider how many unexpected good things might come your way if you open your mind and allow an image consultant to share a few tips and tricks with you in the near future. We really do want to help.